How to start a memory thread...

We lost so many memories when we lost our old site.

Many of you will have lots of old photos from days, weeks, months and years ago.

Let's start filling up!!
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How to start a memory thread...

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June 22nd, 2017, 5:22 pm

You will need to upload your images to a web hosting site, so I will try to explain how to do that below...

1. Go to
2. In the 'Upload Images and Video' area, click 'Choose File'
3. Select the image file from your computer
4. DO NOT POST YET... a little explanation on screen resolution.
Most cameras and phones these days take images at a very high resolution. Let's take 12MP as an example. This means the image is 4000x3000 pixels. A high resolution monitor might be 1920x1280. So 4000 wide will be double the size of the width of this monitor, often higher. So to fit that image on to the screen, the whole page needs to shrink to be able to view it. Therefore, the image needs to be resized at point of upload. It doesn't affect your original image and will lose very little in quality. Therefore...
5. Select RESIZE! A good size to use would be the 15" screen size (800 x 600) which will fit nicely into most screens.
6. Click UPLOAD NOW. You will sometimes be met with an anti-spam message so just fill out what it asks.
7. Highlight all of the text within the IMG CODE section and copy it (CTL-C or right click it and select COPY). You will not see anything happen but the link is copied to your invisible clipboard.
8. Back on this site, click on OLD MEMORIES above.
9. Click on NEW TOPIC and give it a subject eg. Vegas 1984 or similar.
10. Type your message and wherever you want your uploaded image to appear, paste the link in (CTL-V or right click and select PASTE). It will appear looking something like [ IMG ][/IMG]. You can hit the preview button below to make sure it will appear correctly.

11. If all looking good, hit SUBMIT

We are really looking forward to catching up with some old memories and with members help, we can recreate them. 8-)

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