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What did Corbyn do to change opinion?

Posted: June 22nd, 2017, 8:34 pm
by langers
I have voted UKIP last election and voted leave!

2 months ago i would literally have pissed myself laughing at the thought of voting for the looney labour party!

However i did.

and to be honest i am not really sure when it changed,how i changed my mind and why i did!

But sometime,after several tory gaffes and what i found to be awe inspiring speeches from Jezza,i ended up giving him the nod.

What i dont quite know,is what he did that changed my mind .His manifesto seemed to hit a nerve and the young seemed to totally go for him in a big way.

empty promises? rhetoric of things he cant afford or deliver? or was i just utterly pissed off with austerity and thought,what the hell,i will give him a chance!

any thoughts on what he did to turn what looked like a disaster looming into a half decent effort ?

Re: What did Corbyn do to change opinion?

Posted: June 22nd, 2017, 8:45 pm
by Thelodger
Oh, I think that's an easy answer mate, it was HOPE that made you change your mind, as the campaign went on it became increasingly obvious to most the Tories are only interested in themselves and their mates. You, me and everyone else don't matter one jot to them.

Re: What did Corbyn do to change opinion?

Posted: June 22nd, 2017, 11:02 pm
by langers
you may well be right mate.I think when your down,working hard,seeing the rich get richer,you hope that things can only get better! He did offer hope for sure,still does.Not convinced the current government will last more than a few months right now.

Re: What did Corbyn do to change opinion?

Posted: June 23rd, 2017, 11:45 am
by _JC_
Please explain how May is looking after her mates.

The decrease in CT has raised an extra 21% per annum in receipts.

Labour left a staggering deficit of £115B, the interest payments alone staggering around £28B a year

This government has reduced the deficit to around 14B Net, thereby slashing the interest payments. the figure for the National debt has always been around the same area in relation to GDP.

Whilst I aren't a huge fan of May, I do believe austerity needs to be held back a bit, but not like Corbyn wants.

The youngsters have no idea about the past nor do they seem to care

Corbyn has voted against every single terrorist prevention measure any government has put forward

He wants to nationalise A,B,C adding to the deficit and debt, he wants to let the Unions run riot again like the 70's 80's. Ok if it happened, eventually it would be a profit but what timescale nobody knows.

Mcdonnell urged everyone to riot on the streets. Corbyn and his sons attended the memorial to Bobby Sands among others.

What is needed is a grown up Parliament and Local councils,whoever is running it. PMQ's is a fine example of utter bollox, act like that in any other business you would be out on your ears.

The NHS managers waste money like it's going out of fashion, as do most council leaders. I was not shocked to find that 1,300
teachers earn in excess of £100K as do GP's who palmed of most of their work to others

The NHS waiting list is the easiest to figure, the reason it's so long is because all the senior consultants are seeing their private patients using NHS equipment for a fraction of the cost.

The papers as per normal blow everything out of proportion, so let's wait and see what happens as long as it's not Corbyn because he lost by a million votes and 56 seats

Re: What did Corbyn do to change opinion?

Posted: June 23rd, 2017, 7:20 pm
by Garethherb
This government has reduced the deficit to around 14B Net, thereby slashing the interest payments. the figure for the National debt has always been around the same area in relation to GDP

Thought it was over £50B last year and raising to £58B this year. Here's a couple of pages worth a look ... ional_debt

Mcdonnell urged everyone to riot on the streets. I saw him on the news asking everyone to behave and stay within the law.

The NHS is regarded as being the most efficient in the EU. Head teachers can earn upto £115k which for 1500 pupil schools and multi million pound budgets. Not sure that is excessive. Of course free schools, private schools and the academy status schools don't have to be answerable to government regarding their pay structures.

Re: What did Corbyn do to change opinion?

Posted: June 23rd, 2017, 9:07 pm
by langers
Austerity is not wanted.When your struggling to put food on the table why oh why would you give a shit about anything other than your next meal.

The Tories have done nothing for the working man and women of this country other than tax them to breaking point!

Re: What did Corbyn do to change opinion?

Posted: June 30th, 2017, 12:45 pm
by DeeDude
It's an interesting question!

Globalisation has certainly not served the working classes well. May jobs move to cheaper lands and are not replaced or replaced by lower paying options. So this does allow poorer countries to increase their standards of living, but at a cost to those people at home and in other similar countries, so I think he hit a nerve there. It's a funny one as the entities that benefit, besides the poorer countries are the corporates and their share holders from what I see.
You have many in this country that are certainly worse off and a youth looking at owning their own home in some areas as a dream. So 'hope' may well have formed a part of Corbyns semi success.
Now I would call it false hope unfortunately, as the cost of all the freebies promised would unquestionably create greater debt for the country, which in turn would create even harder times down the line.
The Tories on the other hand can be inept on social issues, however they are fiscally more prudent which at this current time is unfortunately more important, but less popular especially since it's gone on slowly for a long time, so another bonus for him.

When you are in debt you don't spend spend spend, that is just totally obvious, but of course I do understand a vote the other way if times are tough for the individual. Sensible fiscal planning is laughably call austerity and given a bad name, but as with many things a balance is required in ensuring services are maintained while still tackling the over spends of the past. Those overspends have nearly always been due to previous Labour governments social expansions, a fact that is lost on voters over time and something I think many young voters don't even understand. So the consequences of his spending promises were luckily lost for him.

The Tories ran such an inept campaign that they helped change opinion towards Corbyn too.

And my final point for now and something I am still trying to understand fully, that is how information flows in the current world. The media seem to be more extreme and less reliable to allow people to come to a balance sensible opinion. Social media becomes more important and Labour was noisier there, so it starts becoming a quite worrying scenario that those who shout loudest even with untruths can have a increasing effect on election outcomes. It starts becoming a baseless shouting match that creates an outcome based on emotions not considered thought, which if it continues will be very unhealthy for the World.

Re: What did Corbyn do to change opinion?

Posted: July 1st, 2017, 12:40 pm
by bilthebandit
How is May and her cronies looking after their buddies.

The list would be long so will just list a few

Letting in lots of ppl from the EU to work for their buddies at way way cheaper costs so they make a bundle.

Tax reductions by various methods.

Not building houses to keep all the values spiralling up for the 25% or so of the Tory MPs who deal in property.

Keeping interest rates low for same reason and to devalue the nest eggs and pensions of the elderly.

Taking bungs from up and down the country.

Forcing youngsters out of education and on to the streets to live.

Squeezing the ppl who do not or cannot for various reasons contribute or contribute in a small way to the tax take "except self employed" to the point of being unable to live resulting in tens of 1000s of deaths suicides homelessness hospitalizations to make things financially better for the top few %%% .

The fire in London and the care shown to the residents the a typical example of how much concern the Tory boys have for anyone but themselves a great example of their morals and concerns.

Re: What did Corbyn do to change opinion?

Posted: August 22nd, 2017, 8:34 pm
by T_F_L_S
May showed her true colours.

Clueless, out of touch with reality, thick as pig shit, anti citizens, pro buy to let leeches, incapable of answering simple questions...