This is where most of us will hang around and chat.
Please keep it clean.
Politics (which never remains clean) has its own section! ;)
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Post: # 25437Post Ladymuck
October 8th, 2018, 12:18 am

There is pool and everyone is not going to the Alea ..

I wish the best of luck to those in the Sky game.

There is a crew meeting in the pool hall in Hope street at 8.30 for a pool smack around. (some meeting way before then)

Some of those playing at the Alea have confirmed that they will be right over to us in the pool hall when and if they go out.

I am selfish .... I want to see you all and some sick part of me wants you out of the Sky game early. (one time only)

Not making lists now .. its improv .... Friday 8.30 at pool hall ... Be there or be square.

Truly looking forward to seeing you all ... at some stage over the weekend x

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