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June 14th, 2018, 5:56 pm

Please note this is not the thread for putting names down. If you want to enter and are not already on the list please go here

Entry to the league is invite only so please make sure your 32Red alias is correct in the link above.

This interim league will have a holding fund kept by 32Red that everyone must enter into or not considered part of the league. Holding fund entry is €25.

Each individual game is €5.50 to enter.

Top 3 places paid 50% 30% 20% for both individual games and league prizes.

For the league, all level scores will be decided on countback. If you both scored the same in the final game then I am doing something wrong! But in seriousness, I will make sure the final games are called game 4 and 5, game 5 will count as the countback game.

Now we have the minimum amount of players, any number can be added but the longer your leave it the more likely Nick at 32Red will be too busy to slot you in.

Once all deposits are in, each League game can be set up with the same player list and the setup will be as follows.

7pm start on July 8th
6,000 chips
12 minute blinds
1 hour late entry

Game 2 July 15th
Game 3 July 22nd
Games 4 and 5 to run concurrently July 29th

Pts are simply...

10th 1pt
9th 2pts
8th 3pts
7th 4pts
6th 5pts
5th 6pts
4th 8pts
3rd 10pts
2nd 12pts
1st 15pts

The lowest score from all 5 games will be dropped and points tallied based on the best 4 scores.
This gives everyone a chance to win right up to the last hand and helps those that might miss a game for whatever reason.

Please ask if you need anything clarifying. If you don't like the way it is planned on working then please shout if you want out.

I am on my own doing this so please expect failure at every level. :hide:

If all goes well we could have another interim next month before returning to Premier League in September.

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June 26th, 2018, 10:59 pm

Hopefully the holding lobby will be up soon! As off to Sunny Beach early hours Thursday so wanna get the money paid in the holding lobby!

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